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First Important Match
Meeting Farmer Burns
Off to Alaska
His Two Greatest Foes
Frank Gotch, Superstar
In Retirement
At His Peak
Meeting Top Celebreties
His Death
His Fame Endured
Others' Words on Gotch
The Controversy
Frank's Legacy


100 Greatest Sports Heroes, by Mac Davis, Grosset & Dunlap Publishers, 1954 and 1958 (page 45, with drawing of Frank in wrestling pose).

From Milo to Londos, by Nat Fleischer, mentioned throughout the book.

A Pictorial History of Wrestling, by Graeme Kent, Spring Books, 1968.

From Gotch to Gable: A History of Iowa Wrestling, by Mike Chapman, University of Iowa Press (5 Photos of Gotch).

Gotch: World's Greatest Wrestler, by Mike Chapman (38 Photos of various wrestlers)

Gotch: An American Hero, an historical novel by Mike Chapman, Culture House books, 1999, 279 pages (4 photos of Frank, on the front and back cover).