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First Important Match
Meeting Farmer Burns
Off to Alaska
His Two Greatest Foes
Frank Gotch, Superstar
In Retirement
At His Peak
Meeting Top Celebreties
His Death
His Fame Endured
Others' Words on Gotch
The Controversy
Frank's Legacy

First Important Match

Frank engaged in lots of "fun" wrestling matches during his teen years and developed a local reputation as a tough customer. His first contest against a seasoned professional came on June 18, 1899 when Dan McLeod, former heavyweight champion of America, stopped in a nearby town, Luverne, to watch a group of men playing baseball and running races. McLeod challenged anyone to a catch-as-catch-can style match. Gotch accepted, and the two wrestled in a cinder track for nearly two hours before McLeod emerged victorious. Gotch was just 21 years of age, and impressed McLeod to the point that he told Farmer Burns that Gotch could be a world champion if he had some good instruction.